Exploring the Sound of Light with Judy Satori

The Amani Harmonic Foundation was thrilled to welcome Judy Satori and 55 participants from 20 countries all over the world to this exciting event from 6-9 June 2019 in Leysin, Switzerland.

The symposium was held in the Alpine Classic Hotel over three days, with music programmes in the evenings: 

Thursday 6 June- Crystal bowls and gong with Chloe and Matthias of Bodsha (www.bodsha.com);  Friday 7 June: Harmonic Meditation with St├ęphane Stas (www.stephanestas.com); Saturday 8 June a Group celebration with Marilyn and the piano.

Everyone agreed that a follow up event would be held as part of Ascension 2020 with Judy Satori. 

Comments 1

  • So INSPIRING – such beautiful human beings, connecting through the best in our human attributes, qualities , feelings & intentions…Sense for the Soul = Sense for our World and Planetary Consciousness. May we all Walka nd Talk and Sing and ‘Music’ together For all-round, all-over Goodness

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