The 1st Mastering Alchemy Conference in Europe, May 2018

The Amani Harmonic Foundation hosted the first ‘Mastering Alchemy‘ Conference in Europe during 18-20 May 2018.  We (Marilyn, Beth, Nicole and Pam) have been MA Players for many years and, following our participation at the MA Conference in Arizona in 2017, we invited Jim Self and Roxane Burnett to consider holding a conference in Switzerland.  We were delighted that they accepted and Nicole got to work over the ensuing months preparing Leysin to receive 84 participants from 21 countries and ensuring that these ‘visitors’ had the best introduction and arrival experience in our Swiss mountain village.

The focus for the conference “The Next Steps to Becoming an Evolved Human, Clearing Fear from Earth, Humanity and You,”  resonates for Europe and elsewhere at this time and MA Players were enthusiastic and committed to the work we were called to do as a collective over these three days.

Each participant received a gift of a pinecone elemental, a co-creative work by Nicole Benoit, Pam Hardenburg and Nicolas Vaudroz. The creation is inspired by nature’s energies in Leysin and our Alpine environment. The conference room was carefully laid out with artworks and paintings by Nicolas softening the walls. A piano was arranged for the conference duration and spontaneous music came through Marilyn each day and in celebration at the conclusion.

All aspects for planning, organizing and administering of a multicultural event were considered and executed.  Food preferences for vegan and vegetarian were addressed creatively by the hotel restaurant and transport was arranged between the two hotels involved in the event.

With this successful experience and the positive feedback from participants, the Aaah team would be willing to arrange a follow-up event and we would love to have our MA friends visit Leysin again.


Marilyn, Beth and Nicole

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