Stanford Festival of Lights and Arts 2019

The Amani Harmonic Foundation supported the Creative Skills Factory to organise a week long holiday programme for 150 children from the Stanford community, who would otherwise have spent their holiday on the streets.

The programme, run by a team of facilitators from Na-Beat drumming, included workshops for music, drama, dance and drumming, as well as the making of over a hundred lanterns. The children participated in the workshops enthusiastically.

On Saturday evening 28th September, the children were able to show their newly acquired skills to the Stanford community when the first Lantern Festival took place on Stanford Common. Two larger structures, a praying mantis and a porcupine built by the Na-Beat team were brought onto the common at sunset as part of the story which was enacted for an appreciative audience.

The Second Light Festival is planned for 2020 which will provide a focus for the extra mural activities to be undertaken in the community throughout the year. Our dream is for this to be an annual event which will grow and become an attraction for people from all around the area, as both spectators and participants.

If you would be interested in sponsoring or contributing to the event, please send us an email at

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