Soiree du Coeur

Vagabond Soiree
A ‘Soirée du Coeur’ underway in the ‘Vagabond’, home to the AH Foundation in Leysin
Improvisation 1
Improvisation 2

‘Soirée du Coeur’: Amani Harmonics in action

The Amani Harmonic Foundation has organised these evenings since 2014. Everywhere there are many creative persons, artists, musicians, writers, poets, and storytellers. Everyone needs a venue or a platform where their creation and creative energy can be expressed.  And, as importantly for emerging creators, there is a need for an appreciative audience to encourage the creative process.

The Soirée du Coeur format is spontaneity, without a program known in advance. Creation happens according to the capacities and energies among the participants, maximum 40 including ‘audience’ and ‘performers’. The audience becomes performers in the moment of improvisation and vice versa.  The results are often heart-opening and always personally fulfilling.

These AH …! events take place in Leysin, Switzerland and also in South Africa.

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