Nicole Benoit

Project Coordinator

born in 1966, Switzerland

Nicole has a rich international, multicultural, multi-lingual background having been educated in Switzerland, Canada, and the USA. Her experience as a world traveler, and her deep connection to nature, has enabled her to connect with an open mind to people, their societies and cultures. Her deep connection to nature through skiing and teaching skiing, free diving, hiking, and visiting many sacred spots throughout the world and connecting with indigenous peoples in the Americas, Northern Africa and the Middle East, brings an understanding of diversity across time and space.

Working as an entrepreneur in managing finance, property, farming, and consulting, has given her special creative capacity as a team builder and co-creator in various events across the world.

She has coordinated many activities, conferences, and events in cooperation with the Amani Harmonic Foundation over recent years as well as conducting courses on working with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and creativity, as well as coaching groups and individuals in personal development to achieve their dreams.

In her free time she also enjoys exploring her artistic talents.

Nicole’s base is in Leysin, Switzerland.

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