Elizabeth Goodson


born in 1943, Kansas, USA

Elizabeth Goodson

Beth was born on a small Kansas farm and moved to Texas at age 6 where she grew up in a large family. She completed her studies at the University of Texas in Austin. She loves the outdoors which took her first to Oregon in her 20’s where she was a teacher and climbed mountains in her spare time. She was in the Peace Corps in Iran, and was drawn to Switzerland to learn to ski. She met her husband Rodger Goodson in the Alps while teaching English. Their daughter Marie was born in 1972.

Following a long career in international development activities and training for agricultural workers and equality issues, she retired in the Alps not far from Geneva. During this very exciting time she walked the Camino from France to Spain, explored sacred sites throughout the world, rafted the Grand Canyon and continues to commune and play with the nature world. She is the eternal student which makes her role in the Amani Harmonic Foundation all the more satisfying to participate in projects which make a difference in our shifting world.

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