Amani Peace Grove

The Amani Harmonic Foundation is cooperating with Platbos, an indigenous forest reserve located in South Africa’s Southernmost Forest, to create a memorial tree planting project to honour loved ones.

An inaugural tree planting in the Amani Peace Grove will take place in May 2019 (36 trees in Phase I). It coincides with the commemorative concert for Ronald Dreyer, husband of Marilyn Dreyer-Pigott, Founder of the Amani Harmonic Foundation. Trees are also to be planted for several departed friends such as Alan and Susan Leather, Rebecca Streibig and Roger Goodson who held close ties with South Africa.

Donations to the Amani Peace Grove in Platbos are made via the Amani Harmonic Foundation (feel free to contact for further details). Donations covers cost, planting of each tree and recording its location. A part of the donation will go towards a protective boardwalk project to reach the 1,000 year-old milkwood tree to provide for wheelchairs and children with special needs. A memorial record for each tree and its location will be made available via the Tree Planting Record on the Platbos website.

1000 year old milkwood
1000 year old milkwood in Platbos forest
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