Amani Peace Grove First Plantings

The Amani Harmonic Foundation is pleased to share that the first trees have been planted in the Amani Peace Grove in Platbos Forest.

We received an email from Melissa Krige, custodian of the Platbos forest, on 6th of June with some photos:

Yesterday the Platbos staff planted your trees, it was perfect tree planting weather – lots of gorgeous rain! … It was beautiful to see the young trees going into the earth and healing this part of the forest that was burnt a few years back. Thank you again to the Amani Harmonic Foundation for supporting our reforestation project.

Image from left to right:

  1. Trees delivered to site
  2. Madine planting the trees
  3. Charles preparing planting holes
  4. White stinkwood before planting
  5. White stinkwood in its new home

For more information on Platbos and the reforestation project, visit the Platbos website.

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