Nicole Benoit

Project Coordinator

born in 1966, Switzerland

Nicole was born in Switzerland and after the death of her father, Nicole changed countries, cultures, schools and languages. At age 11 she arrived in Canada, moved around North America and finally returned to Switzerland after completing her studies at age 24. This background, although hard at the time, gave her great experiences and prepared her for her life and work which spans the world of F1 race car driving; the appreciation of art; university administration; accountant, fiduciary and business consultancy; as well as working as a ski instructor and active in the world of personal development and coaching. She is a facilitator of Family Constellation work in private and group sessions. She is married, has a daughter Emilie and two step-children.

Nicole is a creator: enjoying the process of going from nothing to something. The energy of co-creation gives her the most joy. What she loves most about her work with the Foundation is the excitement in seeing how the project of the present moment manifests and is shared by everyone participating.

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